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Become a Rum Connoisseur and share your knowledge with patrons and friends. The Royal Rum Society™ has Rummelier® certification programs for all levels from the person who just wants to know more about Rum all the way to a Master Rummelier® Certification - the highest degree of Rum knowledge, discernment and elucidation! 

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Rummelier® John Atkins III

"Great source of information about rum. It’s not the college sweet and inexpensive spirit you might think you know. This body of education provides the tools to appreciate not only one of the most complex spirits on earth, but others as well. The course gives you an understanding of the various expressions and how they are crafted from the base sugar cane, harvesting, processing, fermentation, distillation, aging and blending. You also gain the knowledge about the characteristics unique to the source country, region and distillery that create the various flavor profiles of the wide range of rums. You also learn how to rate rums based on an international set of guidelines established to provide the taster with a uniform framework to judge by using your own taste palate. All this information allows you to make better decisions when selecting a rum whether sipping or mixing a cocktail or even suggesting a rum to a fellow enthusiast. Oh and it’s fun!" - John Atkins III, Rummelier® Graduate


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