About Rummelier® Certification

Why Certification?

Perfect for professional bartenders that are looking to differentiate themselves or Rum drinkers that have a desire to expand their knowledge and palates, or the person looking for something a bit different, Rummelier® certification could be the perfect avenue for you! (Plus, your friends will probably be seriously impressed!)

What are the Next Steps?

Click on the different Certification Types, decide which Certification is the best fit for you and enroll in a class... or feel free to contact us!

Certification Types



The Rumsommer Certification is the entry level for folks that just want to learn a bit more about Rum and partake of a few samples.



The Rumitasse Certification is designed for the person who really enjoys discovering new Rums and wants to learn more about the differences and variations amongst numerous Rums.



Are you really into Rum and want to share your expertise with friends and/or patrons? Rummelier® Certification is for you!

Master Rummelier®


The Pinnacle of Rum tasting and elucidation - The Master Rummelier®! This Certification is extremely limited in number and represents maximum commitment exhibited by the upper echelon of Rum aficionados and connoisseurs!