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What does Rummelier® certification entail? Whether you participate in one of the Royal Rum Society's live events or attend virtually through the internet, the class will be interactive, informative and FUN! Let's take a look at each class section for a brief overview:

Section 1 - The History of Rum

The history of Rum is fascinating. Pirates, Royalty, Distillers and Common-folk have all played a role in the development  of the Rums that we enjoy today. In this section, we'll cover how Rum was developed and tweaked over time!

Section 2 - The Distillation and Aging Process

Many of us have probably taken a distillery tour at some point in our lives. In this section, we'll cover the process of distillation from the beginning to end along with various aging processes such as Solera method and types of casks. What does an 18 year aged Rum really mean? What is a Sherry Oak finish?  You'll find out here....

Section 3 - Rum Terms

What's the difference between Rum vs Rhum vs Ron? What does Houilliage mean and why is it important? Rum Language 101 will be covered in this section.

Section 4 - Rum Trivia

Time for some fun facts and a chance to check how well you would do on Jeopardy if "Rum" was a category on the show!

Section 5 - Types of Rum

Aged, Dark, White, Flavored, Spiced, Rum Liquor, Cachaca. We'll discuss each of these and the characteristics that place them into a certain category.

Section 6 - Rum Tasting Basics

If you looked ever looked up a review on a certain Rum, you've probably seen been bombarded with endless descriptions. "Hints of Cinnamon", "Vanilla flavors" "Smoky Oak Finish". We are going to make it a bit simpler and limit it to some basic categories utilizing  the Royal Rum Society's™ taste rating system which will be covered in training.

By training our palate to discern these Rum Characteristics and be able to categorize the Rums based on these attributes, we will be able to successfully make recommendations to others.

Now for the real fun part!!

Action Requirement - Must taste a minimum of 25 distinct rums and rate based on taste categories. A minimum of 3 rum types must be tasted and rated. For this section, you will be provided with a Tasting Journal where you will rate and record your findings....and, yes, you are allowed to make changes later based on comparisons between Rums!

Level 2 requirement: Completion of 2 Rummelier® MasterClasses

                                  50 distinct rums tasted and rated in journal.

Level 3 requirement: Completion of 4 Rummelier® MasterClasses

                                  75 distinct rums tasted and rated in journal.

Level 4 requirement: Completion of 6 Rummelier® MasterClasses

                                  100 distinct rums tasted and rated in journal.

Level 5 requirement: Completion of 8 Rummelier® MasterClasses

                                  Completion of Rummelier® Instructor Certification Course 

                                  130 distinct rums tasted and rated in journal.

        Note: Attainment of Level 5 certifies the Rummelier® as an Instructor

Section 7 - Communicating Rum Characteristics this point, we've learned at lot about Rums. We've had a chance to discern the differences between a multitude of Rums and catalogue them in your provided Rum Tasting Journal. How do we communicate this information and advise a fellow Rum drinker? 

The formula is simple - RUMS™

RUMS™ - 

R - Relate your Rum knowledge level

U-  Understand your friend's likes and dislikes based on the basic taste categories, and..

M- Make 

S - Suggestions based on your experiences and your friend's desires!

Final Action Requirement - Must successfully guide 5 people through RUMS™. You will provide your friend their own copy of the Rum Tasting Journal where they will be able to record their own findings and we'll find out if your recommendations hit the mark! Plus, they may be on their way to Rummelier® Certification as well!

Level 2: 10 people guided through RUMS™

Level 3: 15 people guided through RUMS™

Level 4: 20 people guided through RUMS™

Level 5: 25 people guided through RUMS™

The Final Examination for Level 1 certification  will consist of either a face-to-face meeting or virtual meeting with a certified Rummelier® Instructor to ascertain Rum proficiency of candidate.  There are no final examinations for Levels 2-5.

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Interested in becoming an Official Royal Rum Society Rummelier®? Click below to find out even more information about the levels of certification and when the next training event will be held and how to register! (Note: Online training option available 12/19)

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