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What does the Rumsommer training consist of? Whether you participate in one of the Royal Rum Society's live events or attend virtually through the internet, the class will be interactive, informative and FUN! Let's take a look at each class section for a brief overview:

Section 1 - The History of Rum

The history of Rum is fascinating. Pirates, Royalty, Distillers and Common-folk have all played a role in the development  of the Rums that we enjoy today. In this section, we'll briefly cover how Rum was developed and tweaked over time!

Section 2 - Rum Trivia

Time for some fun facts and a chance to prepare you to dominate the "Rum" category if you happened to be a contestant on Jeopardy!

Section 3 - Types of Rum

Aged, Dark, White, Flavored, Spiced, Rum Liquor, Cachaca. We'll summarize each of these and the characteristics that place them into a certain category along with introducing you to the Royal Rum Society's™ Hexagon system.

Section 4 - Rum Tasting Basics

In this section, we'll give you a few tasting tips along with introducing you to the Royal Rum Society's™ simplified tasting system as featured in the Rum Tasting Journal.

By training our palate to discern these Rum Characteristics and be able to categorize the Rums based on these attributes.

Now for the real fun part!!

Action Requirement - Must taste a minimum of 3 rums and rate based on taste categories. For this section, you will be provided with a Rum Tasting Journal where you will rate and record your findings....and, yes, you are allowed to make changes later based on comparisons between Rums!

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